Eleanor Calder


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I have already expressed my adoration for Louis Tomlinson and his incredible bum. But, Louis has another asset (no pun intended) that is certainly turning heads, his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. The very lucky 19 year old beauty has become the envy of millions of girls around the world. But whether you love her or love to hate her, there is no denying that the girl is on her way to becoming a style icon. Her ability to maintain a classy look while still staying subtly sexy has made her one of my go to girls for inspiration on the latest trends.

Here are some of my favorite outfits worn by Eleanor Calder.

On a quick Starbucks run, Eleanor wore a Topshop top (exact), Topshop Jeans (exact), Office sandals (exact), and her usual Rayban sunglasses.

On her date with Louis at Disneyland, Eleanor wore a Zara blouse (exact), Mango shorts (exact), Asos sandals (exact), and Zara bag (exact)

If you are trying to go for Eleanor’s style, try some of these looks

One Direction & Louis Tomlinson’s Bootyful Bum


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Unfortunately, I did not have enough will power to keep myself from becoming a part of the One Direction hysteria. But I have come to terms with the fact that most girls can’t resist a group of five incredibly good-looking guys that dress well, sing, and have charming accents and if there is no avoiding the latest worldwide sensation that is One Direction, why not join? Right?

(Niall Horan, Zane Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne,  and Harry Styles at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards)

But one band mate in particular has always stood out to me. Jokester Louis Tomlinson and his consistent wearing of Toms Shoes,  fitted pants, nice T-shirts, button downs, suspenders, beanies (beanies on a guy are the hottest thing ever), and sexy messy hair stands out as the member of the band with the best sense of humor, as well as great style. But a particular part of Louis is starting to make headlines. THE BOY HAS AN INCREDIBLE BUM! I don’t know about you other ladies and gents but I find it extremely difficult to keep my eyes off of that perfectly rounded behind. A flat butt on a guy is definitely no deal breaker. But when they have one this nice, it is certainly a plus. So, as if I needed anymore reason to love the rising boy band, Louis Tomlinson certainly gave it to me.

Can you guess which is Louis’?

Conservation International


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I was lucky enough to attend a fund-raising dinner for Conservation International last Thursday night. I am now inspired to make a difference in the world. The main focus of Conservation International is to establish a learning network and gain new participants in order to spread the word on biodiversity and effectively protect and increase the amount of biodiversity on the planet. From the oceans that make up more than 70% of our planet to all the continents, Conservation International is doing what ever it takes to protect Earth’s natural beauty and by doing so, help all different species recover from their decimated numbers. Some of the most incredible animals in the world, including the polar bear, African elephant, panda, koala, leopard, bluefin tuna, and cape penguin, are endangered of becoming extinct. Conservation efforts made in the forests of Liberia and the example of biodiversity hotspot and one of conservation’s biggest leaders Brazil shows how important conservation is and the incredible effect it has on increasing the variety of wildlife. But protecting nature doesn’t only benefit animals and the planet as a whole. Wildlife conservation provides benefits that meet the immediate needs of humans, therefore making it absolutely necessary.

Learn more on the importance of biodiversity and conservation and how to make a difference.

Crayola Colors


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The trendy streets of L.A. are starting to look more and more like a box of crayons. Colored denim is the latest daring fashion trend favored by L.A.’s trend setters this Summer. From English royalty to Hollywood A-listers, everyone is embracing this funky fashion.

Super White Girl Problems


I have a new addiction and I’m not afraid to admit it. Super White Girl Problems is an LOL worthy site that is hard not to love. The blog brings out the comedy in the most common, stereotypical “white girl” thoughts and issues that we all hate to admit to being guilty of. But it just goes to show, we aren’t the only ones who think like white girls.

Here are some of my favorites 

And my absolute favorite… 

Don’t Be Shy in Sheer


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I can’t help but to love everything sheer. One of my absolute favorite trends being rocked this fall is sheer clothing. From sheer tops to dresses, this tastefully sexy style has become the go to look for everyone fabulous. But be careful. This look could easily go from stylish to trashy so a cami or slip is a must. If you choose to wear nothing but a bra underneath, be sure to match your outfit with a sophisticated blazer on top in order to balance out your ensemble.

Need some ideas on how to wear this flirty fashion? You can follow in the footsteps of numerous celebrities who have successfully made sheer the sexiest classy look around.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nikki Reed, and Anne Hathaway have all been seen wearing beautifully crafted sheer dresses. 

Hollywood’s sex symbols, as well as fashion icons, Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian  have both been spotted wearing patterned sheer dresses which Kim paired with a classy blazer. 

A fashion must have is the sheer long sleeve top, designed by Robert Rodriguez, that has been seen on AnnaLynne McCord and Selena Gomez. AnnaLynne McCord paired this versatile top with jeans and stilettos while accessorizing it with a scarf, that I love. Selena Gomez took a different approach and matched the top with a patterned skirt and high heeled boots.

Necessary Accessories


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Accessories to an outfit is like the icing on the cake. They are both necessary forms of decoration to create a final product that is pleasant to look at. Properly accessorizing an outfit is an absolute must. Fun bracelets are what can turn an ordinary outfit into something much more trendy and cool. A simple necklace can make a formal dress that much more elegant.

My absolute favorite way to accessorize is with a great chunky necklace or layering on some funky bracelets. I personally favor bright, big, fun colored necklaces, like a blue seed bead necklace  necklace from Planet Blue paired with a striped maxi dress. For layering bracelets, I love to double fabulous cuffs or pile on mismatched bangles and beaded bracelets. For cuffs, I can’t help but match together the Two Rail Cuff with the Patina Large Cuff.

AnnaLynne McCord, Bethenny Frankel, and Kim Kardashian agree with me that a chunky necklace is the cherry on top to any outfit. One of my absolute favorite chunky necklaces was worn by the gorgeous Blake Lively. I absolutely adore the boldness of the precious stones and the riskiness of the necklace. It is the definition of fabulous and instantly creates a show stopping ensemble.

Blake Lively was also seen rocking layered bracelets, along with Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Sandra Bullock,  and Ashley Tisdale while her friend Vanessa Hudgens layered on necklaces.    

Fabulous Flats


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A fabulous pair of flats are essential. Flats are one of the most diverse shoes you can find that instantly multiple your style options. They are light enough to wear on those sunny summer days with enough coverage to wear during the windy winter ones, making them the go to shoe for any season. Match them with leather pants and a sexy blouse for a night out on the town like Kourtney Kardashian or wear them with a bikini while you ride your bike like AnnaLynne McCord. The style options are endless. They go with absolutely everything, not to mention are comfy enough to wear for those long or active days. I love the Brattyy Flat from Steven Madden in tan. I make sure to always have a pair of flats in a neutral color like tan or black just so I don’t have to worry about not having shoes to match a certain outfit.

Kourtney Kardashian, AnnaLynne McCord, Jennifer Garner, and Alicia Keys all in flats.

Cheater Caught by Ryan Seacrest


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Ryan Seacrest is one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. He does everything from producing America’s most guilty pleasures like Keeping Up with the Kardashians to hosting favorite TV series like American Idol and E! News. He is the man who does it all, including catching men cheat on their wives on his #1 radio show KIIS FM, live.

Even I was shocked by this one, especially by the little surprise at the end. Definitely a sucky way to get caught

Blaze It Up


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Blazers are the hottest thing for any season. They are by far one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, perfect for going about your daily life in style then matching it with a cocktail dress and heels for a night out. A nice blazer is a classic that will always be in. For the summer, pair it with jean shorts, a nice blouse and heels, and you’ve got a sexy ensemble that shows off your stems while still looking trendy and sophisticated.

Celebrities in Blazers