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Unfortunately, I did not have enough will power to keep myself from becoming a part of the One Direction hysteria. But I have come to terms with the fact that most girls can’t resist a group of five incredibly good-looking guys that dress well, sing, and have charming accents and if there is no avoiding the latest worldwide sensation that is One Direction, why not join? Right?

(Niall Horan, Zane Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne,  and Harry Styles at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards)

But one band mate in particular has always stood out to me. Jokester Louis Tomlinson and his consistent wearing of Toms Shoes,  fitted pants, nice T-shirts, button downs, suspenders, beanies (beanies on a guy are the hottest thing ever), and sexy messy hair stands out as the member of the band with the best sense of humor, as well as great style. But a particular part of Louis is starting to make headlines. THE BOY HAS AN INCREDIBLE BUM! I don’t know about you other ladies and gents but I find it extremely difficult to keep my eyes off of that perfectly rounded behind. A flat butt on a guy is definitely no deal breaker. But when they have one this nice, it is certainly a plus. So, as if I needed anymore reason to love the rising boy band, Louis Tomlinson certainly gave it to me.

Can you guess which is Louis’?