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I was lucky enough to attend a fund-raising dinner for Conservation International last Thursday night. I am now inspired to make a difference in the world. The main focus of Conservation International is to establish a learning network and gain new participants in order to spread the word on biodiversity and effectively protect and increase the amount of biodiversity on the planet. From the oceans that make up more than 70% of our planet to all the continents, Conservation International is doing what ever it takes to protect Earth’s natural beauty and by doing so, help all different species recover from their decimated numbers. Some of the most incredible animals in the world, including the polar bear, African elephant, panda, koala, leopard, bluefin tuna, and cape penguin, are endangered of becoming extinct. Conservation efforts made in the forests of Liberia and the example of biodiversity hotspot and one of conservation’s biggest leaders Brazil shows how important conservation is and the incredible effect it has on increasing the variety of wildlife. But protecting nature doesn’t only benefit animals and the planet as a whole. Wildlife conservation provides benefits that meet the immediate needs of humans, therefore making it absolutely necessary.

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