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I first came across planking when one of my friends uploaded a picture of himself lying on his stomach on top of a trash can face down with his hands by his sides and toes pointed. I just assumed he was drunk. Then a week later I see more pictures uploaded of my friends lying down in the same position in the weirdest places, like playgrounds, on top of cars, tables, etc. Clearly these people could not all be drunk and coincidentally doing the same thing so I decided to look up what exactly it was that they were doing. Planking was started by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon in 1997. The rules are that the planker must lie down flat on his stomach with his hands by his sides and have someone take a picture. Points are rewarded to those in the most unusual location. This game has spread to all different countries but this summer, it has really become its own trend. Planking has hit the teenage and adolescent world by storm, and now the celebrity world as well. Everyone is participating in this ongoing game including Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars. Are YOU a daring planker?