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Needless to say, the pressure to have a hot bod is a lot higher than usual during the beach season, especially if you live in L.A. Now I’m not over weight, but even I feel the need to drop a few pounds and get more toned. In order to do so, I have tried all different types of workouts, from sports, to weight training, to cardio. But, nothing works as quickly as running. No matter how many articles you may read on great workout routines or diet secrets that are sure to shed the pounds, if you want to loose weight quickly, don’t waste your time and run instead. Run as often as you can for as long as you can until you can’t run anymore. I know it sucks and it isn’t fun, but if you don’t want to do it, don’t complain about your pudge. If you are out of shape, start off with half a mile. Then work your way up to mile. If you keep it up, by the end of the month, you’ll be running a few miles no problem. Don’t get me wrong, other workouts like yoga or pilates are fantastic and you should definitely keep up some sort of strength training, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you want to drop the lbs fast, you need to run. All celebrities run to stay in shape. Even if they do some sort of ridiculous private trainer boot camp, running is a key part of their routine, always. If you don’t need to loose weight, it’s still the number one way to stay in shape, along with eating right. So whether you are trying to attain or maintain your sexy bikini bod, runrunrun.  How do YOU manage to stay in shape this summer?