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The Backstreet Boys and the New Kids On The Block have intertwined and are performing together in concert. As I started reminiscing about my BSB obsession from years ago, I decided to go to their concert and see them. Out of all the concerts I have ever been to, this was by far the best. My throat still hurts and my ears are still ringing. Never would I have thought that watching men twice my age in bedazzled outfits that not even twenty year olds should wear would get me so excited. Boy bands seem to be a thing of the past, but watching them made me remember why everyone loved them.  I never really got into NKOTB since they were from the previous generation, but their nonstop hip thrusting  and the perfectly sculpted Donnie Wahlberg has forever changed that. And when it comes to my previous loves, the BSB, I did not expect to have reacted the way I did once they started to sing all the songs I used to play on repeat. Although I can not explain why, hearing the songs that I still remember the lyrics to and seeing the boys that I used to be crazy for made me ecstatic. Nick Carter was beautiful and AJ looked just as bad ass yet sweet as he did before. As I was looking around the concert, I see teens to 30 year olds crying over the Backstreet Boys and 30 to 50+ year olds hyperventilating over New Kids On The Block. But that got me thinking. Why has no one replaced them? After all, the Backstreet Boys and their rivals NSYNC were the next generation New Kids On The Block. Plus, what’s better than watching sexy guys who can dance and sing? There are the Jonas Brothers, but they can never have the same effect that those flirtatious, hip thrusting, mesmerizing boys did. I guess boy bands can be considered a 90’s thing. Or, is it just extremely difficult to top a band that has set the bar so high, look, music, dancing, and popularity wise? Whatever the reason is, and whether or not a better group comes around, NKOTB and BSB will always represent the adolescent years of the millions of women that individually contributed to their global fame.      

Some bands just never get old.