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Being environmentally conscious, very cool. It is in and always will be in. The absolute easiest way to do that is to stop drinking from plastic water bottles. I can not stress the importance of this enough. You will never see me carrying a plastic water bottle. I always have my WaterGeeks  stainless steel bottle instead. Buy a filter, use tap water, and fill up a reusable bottle. Now WaterGeeks even makes bottles with filters in them!  There is just no excuse. Laziness is the only argument for anyone who chooses to buy plastic bottles instead. Aside from helping our environment, stainless steel bottles are actually becoming a fashionable accessory. Rachel Zoe agrees saying that ever since she came across the WaterGeeks filtered bottles “they have been a mandatory part of my day to day.” If you do not know who the legendary stylist Rachel Zoe, get out from under your rock. There’s no reason to continue to buy plastic bottles. You’re wasting your money and wasting our environment.